Pave Your Own Path, Play To Win: Top Advice For Women Leaders – Forbes

Is there someone else who could be doing this? Is there a more time efficient way of doing this? As Roxon shared, she came to realize she didnt need to go to a five-hour dinner to address a policy concern when it could be addressed just as effectively, if not better, in a half hour meeting. Likewise be willing to set off limit times during the day to focus on tasks that require concentration. Over time people will come to learn when is a good time to connect with you, and when isnt. So schedule in disruption free time in your calendar, and protect it ruthlessly. Women must overcome their people pleasing instinct to set boundaries, protect priorities, and say no to the good to make room for the great. 4. Forget perfect. Done is better than perfect Too often women think they must do something perfectly for it to past muster. Not true. Most the time good enough is good enough and waiting until you can do things perfectly, or spending hours and hours on creating the most beautiful powerpoint slides distracts you from spending your time on other tasks that could be adding important value. Sure, setting the bar high is often important, but more often than not, lowering it serves you and those around you far more. So just get it done, and move on. More important things await.
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